Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Colors...

Sprinkle Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Sunday was a day filled with hiking, gorgeous weather, and of course, colors.
Heinz and I spent the first half of our day snapping photo's of all the colors that are making their seasonal debut and the second half of our day goes without saying. 

Shot by Heinz

Red and dead.

This photo really reminds me of fall and how things are constantly changing.
Change, it's a good thing.

I like to think that the pine tree was reaching out to catch the last red leaf of the season. 

Shot by Heinz
Fall Colors
The color's are here, but they're going fast.
Get in the car - hurry, and don't procrast.
Fall is fleeting with each and every day.
The fresh air won't kill ya, so get out and play.
by, JMG
With cooler temps and the red, yellow, orange, green, and brown that paint the hillside, Fall just might be my favorite season.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.