Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lone Peak

Heinz and I have been wanting to summit Lone Peak since 2010, when we were backpacking and had plans to summit, but got deralled by rain and lightening. So finally, we got to the top, without too much fuss.

We decided to hike Lone Peak, kind of on a whim. On Saturday morning a few weekends ago, Heinz was like, were doing Lone Peak. Alright with me. We decided that we would hike from the most popular route, which is from the Jacobs Ladder Trailhead. For one, it cuts a couple miles off this 12 mile round trip hike, which is kind of a no brainer. (Side note: There is NOT A WATER source on this route so pack at least a 100fl. oz. per person, or better yet, a gallon.) 
After a mile of easy hiking on a very popular mountain bike trail, you hike straight up. STEEP is the name of the game for the next 2miles or so. I was trying out some new trail shoes and was so happy that they stood up to the loose dirt and steep terrain.

Shot by Heinz

A nice look at where our goal lies and a face to match.

Shot by Heinz

This is my, 'I'm sick of smiling for the camera' - face. What a beaut.

We made our way through the rocky basin and now it's time for a little hand/arm action to get up to the top.

Shot by Heinz

Shot by Heinz

On the ridge. Just a hope, skip, and scramble away.

Shot by Heinz

Almost to the top.

Shot by Heinz

And we made it!

   A view of the many  peaks we have summited.

Heading down, we were thrilled to have completed this long awaited hike.

This part of the ridge is called, Question Mark Wall. Can you see way?

We took a slightly different way down, but adventure-filled non the less.


No way.

And of course I had plenty of energy to goof around.

     Shot by Heinz

Shot by Heinz
One last look at Lone Peak.

This is a must if you live anywhere near the Salt Lake valley or like a little adventure.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.