Sunday, August 12, 2012

Backpacking: Mount Timpanogos, Part 2

Part 2: Goats, Goats, and more Goats

The following morning, bright and squirrelly, Heinz and I awoke to a gorgeous sunrise and of course, goats. Yup, back again, hanging out and eattin' away. We quickly got our day packs together and headed for the peak.

On our way, just past Emerald Lake, we ran into another two dozen or so goats that where on the trail and had no intention of moving for us. We didn't want to get too close, but we also didn't want to wait around all day for these guys to get a move on. We waited for a bit and started clapping our hands which seemed to signal the goats to move over. They resistantly got the hint and we were able to pass.
We made our way across the boulder field and snow patches and what did we run into?
Goats, just chillin' on the snow, hanging out in the golden light.

As we approached the saddle, we came across a bit of a dilemma. Goats above us, goats below us, goats, goats, goats! The last thing we wanted to do was make these beasts too nervous, so we backed up, gave them a little room, and watched their moves like a hawk.

We made it to the saddle with everything still intact, but as soon as we thought we were free of goats, these two guys wanted to give us a special guided tour. We kept trying to clap our hands to get them to move to the side, off the trail but they would have no part. They were sticking to the trail until there was no trail.

Thankfully, we made our way to the summit, goat free, and all smiles. It was a great day to climb Timp.

 There's a small metal hut on the peak of Timp. that serves as a triangulation station for the county. In my eye's it seems a little disheartening to have a metal box on top of a great mountain, but I guess it serves somewhat of a purpose.

Looking down at Emerald Lake.

Although Heinz and I have summited Timp before, we had never tried climbing/hiking down the glacier route. On this route you continue on the ridge until you reach the saddle above the glacier/snowfield. 

 The snow on the left side/background is the goal.

Looking back at what we just climbed. Pretty gnarly. My mom used to do it back in the day - she's hardcore too.

Almost to the saddle.

Looking back at the top of Timp. You can barely see the metal structure on top.

 Overlooking part of the glacier/snowfield and a peak at Emerald Lake.

Looking back up part of the glacier/snowfield that we came down.

A lot of people will slide down the glacier in the toboggan like slide, but it had injury written all over it in my eye's, so we walked our way down with no incident.

Another great backpacking trip, no injuries, and many amazing experiences. We feel so lucky!

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.