Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Year Anniversary: Park City, Utah

Last weekend (well actually two weekends ago), the husband and I spent our time in beautiful Park City. A little get away that's not too far from home. Perfect.
To start off our anniversary weekend, we immediately went downtown and found some deals, deals, deals at some pretty sweet yard sales.
I was able to snag a few fun to me items like this pink vase and this dish (well actually it's a ash tray, but I'll find a better us for it;) as well as a box that I will my all my precious jewels in (haha) and a pretty cool vintage leather purse. The best part was, it only cost us well Heinz, 5 buckaroos. Now that's my kind of yard sale.
After par oozing the different treasure's, we headed to old main to browse some of the historic homes and buildings.
I just love the color's of the home's. So fun and bright.

The Blue Church Lodge

The Kimball Art Center
And on Sunday, we were able to stroll through the Park Silly Sunday Market and take a look at the different art and jewelry that is locally made.
I think this is were the silly comes in. I want that wig;)
And of course, what else would catch my eye? Flower's!

Shot by Heinz
After all the flower beauty, we made our way down to the historic farm.

Why yes, a bath tube in the yard. That's where I keep mine.

Shot by Heinz

Shot by Heinz 
The farm is literally right off the high way. I have driven by it on numerous occasions, but never been up close and personal. It was fun to see.
 One of the top highlights of the weekend was our dinner at Slopes. It was such a beautiful dinning area, served with immaculate food (almost  too pretty to eat) and we practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves.
I was feeling very patriotic, all blue, white and red ;)

After our intimate dinner for two, we played a friendly little game of chess.

 Look at Heinz, so serious. He was kicking my hiney at this point.
My competitive face. Now this is serious business, I don't like to lose.
Heinz being a good sport and looking so cute, despite the fact that I captured his King. HaHA!
 Fun, fun weekend. To many, many, many more.
Hope you have a great week.
Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.