Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Backpacking: White Pine Lake

Our weekends these days are booked with backpacking adventure's. White pine is an easy day hike, and a fun overnighter. A beautiful lake with minimal people makes this trek one of my favorite's.

Getting outdoors and doing what I love with someone I love. Nothing beats that.

After we got to White Pine, we set up camp and scurried up the ridge.

*Our goal: Red Baldy. Our destinaton: Red Baldy Jr.

 A nice view of White Pine Lake from the ridge.

 Some awesome flower's tucked in the rock.

From left, above my head we have White Baldy and to the right, just above Heinz's head is the Phifferhorn.  

 The red ridge with another shot of White Pine Lake.

 Heinz standing on red Baldy Jr. and in front of Red Stack and Red Baldy. * So we named the ridge 'Red Baldy Jr.' because the real Red Baldy was too gnarly for me to get to with only one good hand. Bummer. 

The sun is setting and the lake is ours. 


Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.