Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backpacking: Lake Hardy

I'm so behind on posting! Heinz and I have been so busy running around in the mountains, that I found myself behind on sharing our adventure's with you.

Lake Hardy was a fun and exhausting backpacking trip. The fun part is that my good friend, Amber came with us. The exhausting part was pretty much the entire hike - it was a toughie. The traditional way to get to Lake Hardy is through the town of Alpine, on a trail the entire way to the lake. The Heinz and Juliette way to Lake Hardy is to go from one canyon to the next, lots of boulder climbing, and virtually no trail. Yup, that sounds about right.

Lake Hardy

We headed up the trail to Red Pine Lake and then continued on up over the ridge that leads towards the Pfeifferhorn.

 Red Pine Lake
View of Red Pine Lake on the left, and Upper Red Pine Lake on the right, along with a couple small ponds.

There are no more trails from here on out.

Scrambling up the ridge with the Pfeifferhorn towering down.

And of course no post is complete without a flower or two.

 Lake Hardy, pleasantly welcomed.

Dark clouds... Please don't rain, please don't rain. It rained, but very mildly.

 We had the chance to take a dip before the sprinkles came.

 Sunrises are the best.

A look into Alpine.

  A long way back home.

We had a great time and even though the weather and terrain made our trip a bit hectic at times, the pure enjoyment of being outdoors is worth it.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.