Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock Ridge - Neffs Canyon

Neffs Canyon is a very popular area to hike, trail run, or walk your dogs. It's close to the valley and a pretty friendly for your feet trail. Getting to the rock ridge is pretty easy although fairly steep. It's a good climb that you can do in roughly 40 to 50 minutes, perfect for after work.

Once you get to the first set of ridge rocks, you continue on, to the higher, more prominent ridge that gets you beautiful views of Mount Olympus and the Salt Lake valley. 

 As you can see, it's very steep. "You don't want to fall." Sorry that's kind of an inside joke that Heinz and I always say. Whenever things are a little sketchy, we always say, "You don't want to fall." As if there's ever a time when you want to fall:)

Ah, Heinz, always in his red shirt, me in my pink shorts, and both of us in our sunnies. Priceless.

Have a great day and
Happy Trekkin'.