Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alta to Cardiff Fork

May has been full of hikes, sunshine, and a little rain and snow. On this particular hike, Heinz and I started up at Alta (Little Cottonwood Canyon), hiked up to Cardiff Pass and went down through Cardiff Fork, which is in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The weather decided to throw a fit and bust down some snow, wind, and rain. Luckily we were prepared for nasty weather and our smiles where still in tact.

 Just a little windy.
Along the way we found a cave but unfortunatly we didn't take a photo to show you it's coolness. Ahh, C'est La Vie.

When we made our way down Cardiff Fork, we had to cut through some private property to get over to the actual trail. It just so happened that there was an old looking tea cup (or half a tea cup) laying around and a pretty cool carving in a tree that caught our eye.

Let it snow, oh wait - it's May, right?

And the clouds kept rolling in.

This hike was fun because we had never come down Cardiff Fork all the way before and hiking from one canyon to another is always an adventure. I hope you've had a fun adventure lately.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.