Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Things I Love and Hate About Being Sick

I'm sick and I'm hating every minute of it. First it starts out with the soar throat, then the ears hurting, then the sniffles, then the full blown hacking, not to mention the constant state of fog that your mind is in. Lets be honest, being sick is no picnic and I swear it always drums it's face when I'm not taking the best care of myself. Goes to show that eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away.

Anyway, to settle my complaining woe's, here is a love/hate list about being sick.

What I Love About Being Sick
1.) I have way more time to catch up on my reading. From books to blogs, I get caught up on all of the things I'm interested in.
2.) Collaging. I love to collage and create different projects. Mostly just motivational pieces for myself, but enjoyment non the less.
3.) Curling up on the couch and watching '80s movies like, Can't Buy Me Love and sipping on some hot tea. You just can't beat it when you have the sickies.

What I Hate About Being Sick
1.) Not being able to workout. Ya, I know, it's not the end of the world, but sickness just sets me back. I'll be training or seeing real improvements in my fitness level and then BAM, I get sick. It drives me crazy.
2.) Not being able to eat whole foods. When I'm sick, my diet really goes in the crapper. The only thing that is the least appealing to me is soup, saltines, and soda. Great combo-right. 
3.) Having to blow my nose every five minutes, sneezing every six minutes, and washing my handing every seven minutes (hey kids, lets not spread germs k) until I pass out on the couch in a cough medicine daze.

Ya, I know, I being a bit of a drama queen, but hopefully with a little more R & R, a handful of vitamins, and patients this to will run its course.

To all of you non sickies out there:

Happy Trekkin'