Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is It Too Late To Share This Year’s Goals?

Naaa, I don’t think so, but if you do, feel free to stop reading…
 I said stop reading…
You’re still reading???
Oh, ok, keep reading.

As mentioned before, I love the New Year because I love making new goals and challenging myself in most aspects of life. Not just the typical “resolution” of getting fit or losing ‘X’ amount of reserve*, but looking at life in all areas such as career, health, well being, relationships, spirituality or purpose, finances, stress, and personal growth. I strive to make each year better than the last, learn from my mistakes and hang-ups and celebrate my accomplishments.

Here are a few of my goals that I want to share with you. In no particular order, here we go:

1.)    Get out of debt! Now this one has been on the resolution, goal, and to do list for way too long, but this year it will be a reality. I have been working hard and simplifying my life to achieve this long awaited goal. Watch out for a bunch of pictures of me jumping up and down, high-fiving strangers, and maybe even a little fist pumping in the air out of pure excitement. YEAH!

2.)   Climb 6 of Utah’s 13,000+ peaks in the Uinta Mountains. I haven’t done any real hiking or backpacking in the Uinta’s and this year I want to focus on climbing/hiking more areas that are new to me as well as do a solo backpacking trip in the Wasatch.

3.)   Develop my creative interests in writing and photography. Writing and photography; two things that I absolutely love, but fall short on at times. Although my camera is just a simple point and shoot and my writing skills can be a gigantic, slew of grammatical errors, I will strive to do better with what knowledge and resources I have.

This year on the doc-it, I have a full plate and I am already digging in.

If you are sick of hearing it, you better stop reading now.
I said stop reading…
You’re still reading???
Oh, ok then, Happy, healthy, & productive 2012!

*Reserve is what Heinz and I call fat. We always joke that if we were ever lost in the mountains, we would have our “reserve” to survive.