Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trekkin Tuesday's: Snake Creek Pass Clean Up

Today felt like a good day to hike as well as pack out a bunch of trash. During the ski season, the mountains gets littered with all sorts of trash, ranging from wrapper's from a candy bar to beer can's galore.

It is sad that people don't pack out what they pack in. Do you know how heavy a can of soda, beer, or a bottle of water is when it is full? If you guessed a little heavy, then you are right. (Sorry no prizes for getting that correct:) A lot of people carry these heavy fluids out on the resort, but for some reason they can't get the idea of taking that empty can or bottle and dispose of it where it belongs.
IN THE GARBAGE/RECYCLE BIN! I know this may seem like a revolutionary idea, but when things are not full of liquid, they are LIGHTER, making them even easier to pack out. Really you ask? Really.

In effort to do my part in making where I love to play, clean, I did a little trash duty just under Snake Creek Pass. This is where a lot of people hang out, so I knew there would be stuff for me to pack out.

I ended up with one very full bag of can's, bottles, etc.. and another bag that was about a quarter full. Not too shabby, especially for hitting one small section on the mountain.

If you are in the resorts, back country, camping, hiking, or anything to do with the great outdoors, my two cents are: