Friday, September 16, 2011

Key West: Part 3

Snorkel Time & Butterflys

Snorkeling and going to the butterfly conservatory were some of Heinz & I favorite things in Key West.

Key West has some of the largest coral reef in the world, and unfortunately, we only got to see a small portion of it. Due to the weather being a little overcast, the coral wasn't as bright and beautiful looking as it can be when the sun is shinning. I must say though, that it was still a really fun time diving deep in the ocean, getting stung by jelly fish and just swimming with the fishees.

 I thought we were going out on the boat on the left, but because our group was so small, we went on the little yellow cruiser on the right.

Brain coral

Dun, dun, Dun, dun, Ahh watch out for the jelly fish. I think I got stung about 30 times. These little guys just pop out of nowhere.

Video of these guys coming soon.

A sunken ship

We had a fun time even with all the jelly fish stings.

Just in case you didn't know, I love butterflies. I think they are amazing, beautiful, delicate yet strong insects. My name in french means free spirit like a butterfly. It was so 'meant to be' that there was a butterfly conservatory in Key West. I was in heaven.

I was so excited and in aw that it took us hours to get through the entire green house.

There was also exotic flowers.

And colorful birds.

Oh ya, back to the butterfly's.

See that guy on the left swooping in. I was hoping he would land on me.

The butterfly's loved Heinz.

This is what the butterfly above looks like they open their wings. Neon blue - love it.

This was defently one of the highlights of the trip for me.

There is still more fun to come from our Key West trip, so check back later for another update.

Have a great weekend!