Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trekkin Tuesday's - Prince of Wales Mine Trail

The Prince of Wales mine trail is located in Alta, Utah in Little Cottonwood Canyon. This hike takes you through Grizzly Gulch, which is a popular spot for riding and making jumps in the winter time.

It is fairly easy and short - a nice 4.5 miles round trip. The beauty really distracts you from the effort. Also, this is a nice pre-season hike (what I like to call - lets get back in shape hike) with beautiful views, really deep mines, and really old transportation.

Take this old truck for instance:

We kept asking ourselves, "How did this truck get on its side?"

Or how about this old steam engine:

Pretty neat!

Also along the way, we saw beautiful flowers. Beautiful flowers you say? Your kidding me! :)

How about some mine action:

900 ft. Deep - Yikes.

Mines that hoard snow. What month is it?

The views didn't hurt either - they never do.

A peek into Big Cottonwood Canyon (BCC) - Silver Fork

Honeycomb Canyon - Solitude (BCC)

Hey, it's us! First hike as husband & wife. Yeah!