Monday, August 15, 2011

Recap: Lackawaxen Lake & Beartrap Fork

Hi, I missed last week's "Trekkin Tuesday's" post, so I'm going to catch up on a couple hikes that Heinz & I have done lately.

First off, Lackawaxen Lake:

Lackawaxen Lake is located in the Wasatch National Forest and is just a short hike from Bloods Lake. This hike takes place just 15 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon and another 3 miles on Guardsman Pass until you hit the dirt road. You take the very popular trail that leads to Bloods Lake and continue on up over the mountain and through the meadow to Lackawaxen Lake.

Can you see the snow on the right side? Yes, it is August and there is still snow lingering. Great for keeping your water nice and cold, not so great for swimming. Hence the sweater I'm wearing after attempting to take a dip. Burr.

Not a lot of people make the extra effort (an additional mile or so) to Lackawaxen, so the lake is usually pretty quiet and peaceful. Another good hike to stretch those legs without taking all day. This hike is roughly 4 miles round trip. No sweat!

Next up, Beartrap Fork:

This is the view once you hit the ridge. A beautiful overlook of Desolation Lake.

Beartrap Fork is located 10 miles or so up Big Cottonwood Canyon (another hit for us) and the trail head sits to the north of the main road. The trail head itself isn't that obvious. There are no signs saying that it is the trail or any trail for that matter, so a map is very handy in times like these.

Beartrap trail is very wild. With so much overgrowth, it is obvious that not a lot of people travel on this trail. No worries though, it is still pretty easy to follow the trail anyway.

The trail itself is pretty mellow and flat with just a few step inclines to deal with. Nothing crazy. It took us what seemed like forever to get to the ridge, due to the fact that I kept stopping every 50 feet to take photo's. It's weird, once I get into the photo mode, I'm like in a trance.

At one point I was taking so long that when I caught up to Heinz, he was on one knee with a hand bouquet of flowers. Ahhh is right.

He really is the best! Don't be jealous:)

Along the way up to the top, we ran into mushrooms that looked like golf balls,

mushrooms that looked like something from Alice and Wonderland,


This little guy was all about the photo shoot. It was awesome!

Wispy things

And just so many color's.

The quacky tree's are so thick and beautiful.

As you can see, there is just so much beauty. Round trip, this hike is 5.6 miles, mellow to moderate, and gives you great views. What more could you ask for? How about more flower's?

OK, so I got a little carried away.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, see ya!