Monday, August 29, 2011

Key West: Part 1

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

If anyone has been to Key West, you know that it is a place where time is no concern and everyone beats to a different drum. It is also a place of beauty, fun, and really warm weather.

Fort Zachary Taylor is a fort that was built back in the 1800s to defend the nation's southeastern coastline. It played a significant roll in the Civil War and Spanish-American War. The best part was, it was FREE to get in. If it's free, we're there! And a little history never hurt anyone, did it?

This canon I'm sitting on is pretty small compared to most of them. 
When people made things back in the day, they really made it, to last. I love that.

Surfs up?

We were able to get on top of the fort to see the view. Beauty.

More canons and views from inside the fort:

There is a mote surrounding the entire fort.

Side Note: August is off season in Key West, which means zero crowds. Ya!

Along with Zachary Taylor Fort, we headed to the beach. The beaches in Key West are pretty rocky due to the fact that it is an island surrounded by coral reef. Although it wasn't exactly what we were expecting, it still was beautiful.

Catching some rays.

Side Note: If you are ever in Key West, don't be alarmed by the nuddies on the beach, it is very common.

After getting our swimming and sunshine fix, we decided to stroll back through town. When I say stroll through town, I really mean stroll through town. The whole island of Key West is under 5 miles long and about 2 miles wide. Pretty small. It was nice to have things so accessible.

Along the way we came across these cool root trees.

Less than a mile of walking, we reached the first ice house (turned bar) in Key West.
 The Green Parrot Bar was like none other - filled with crazy nicknack's, fun music, and a local hot spot.

Where's Juliette?

This next photo needs a little intro. On this particular day at the Green Parrot, it was "Locals As Tourists Day" where all the locals dress up like the tourists and act like tourists - taking tons of photos, being obnoxious, riding around in motorized carts ect... It was the best because this only happens once a year and we were there for it. Hooray!
Here is some guy dressed like the traveling nome and yes, it looks a little suggestive, but the nome grabbed my toosh, so its fair game:)

I wish I had a pic of the whole group because it was so hilarious. Fun day!

Stay tuned for Key West Part 2.