Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trekkin Tuesday's - Backpacking to Pittsburg Lake

OK, so it's been a while since I've posted a hike, but give me a break people, I'm trying to plan a wedding:)

Kidding aside, Heinz & I did a little backpacking trip to Pittsburg Lake. Pittsburg Lake (PL) is technically located in American Fork Canyon. It is a high alpine lake, sitting at about 9,000+ ft. It is very beautiful, clean, and ICE COLD. I can't comment to much about the actual trail because every time I have hiked to PL it's been off trail, ridge running, a hard core adventure.

The route Heinz & I took to PL goes something like this:
Start hiking from Albion Basin, in Alta, Utah (normally you can drive into Albion Basin, but the road is still closed) - Heinz & I started from Alta due to the road closer & hiked approximately 3.5 miles to Sugarloaf pass.

As you can see there is still quit a bit of snow.

From Sugarloaf pass we traversed SE on the mountainside for another three quarter's of a mile until we hit the ridge overlooking Mt. Timpanogus (on the SE side) & Devils Castle (NE side).

You can see Timp. in the far background.

The flower's are really behind this year.

Devils Castle is directly above Heinz's head (black rock).

Once on the ridge, it is a slow mile and a half trek down to the lake. You have to step carefully due to the fact that there are major cliffs on either side of you and when you are carrying *30lb. packs, slipping could mean major injury. This part takes a lot of stability and control to make sure all of your foot steps & arm holds are secure. Safety First!

It is always so nice when you get to the lake. First thing on the agenda - take off those boots & lets go swimming!

Heinz packed these blow up rafts to lounge on. I did most of the lounging while Heinz

pattled around on this huge log.

We really lucked out with the whole lake to ourselves, a nice hot day, & pure serenity.

After playing in the water, it was time to set up camp and collect firewood. Yup, I'm strong:) HA! And don't worry, all of these longs were already down, no chopping involved.

Then, we took a stroll around the lake to explore this old miner's cabin.

I'm so cool cause I'm on top of a cabin.

This was actually the next morning in the cabin. Sleepy eye's and all.

And we were even able to catch the reflection of a sunset.

Camp fire, sunrise's, & heading back.

What is it with men & fire?

What a beautiful morning.

Trekkin back home.

Ya, we're tired.

So that's it. A fun backpacking trip with my sweety pie.

*Normally, if the hike is less than 6 miles (one way), we backpack with more luxury items like really good food (fresh fruit, veggies, noodles PB & J), rafts for swimming ect.. making our packs a little on the heavier side. Gotta be comfy, right?!