Monday, July 11, 2011

California Road Trip

Hi, did you miss me? Ha ha, I've been M.I.A. for the last few weeks, but with good reason.
Heinz & I made a little road trip down to southern California for some family time and some 4th of July celebrating.

Unfortunately, I never got a shot of the entire crew. We are missing a few VIPs here.

Normally we fly down to California, but this trip we thought it would be fun affordable to drive. I guess fun isn't the right word when you are driving hundreds of miles on a limited amount of time. Even with our limited time, we did make the best of it.

Shots from the drive of southern Utah.

We had a wonderful time with everyone and were spoiled rotten by family.
When we got into California, Heinz's folks took us to the local pizzeria for some of the best pizza & beer around.

Momma & Papa King (Heinz's mom & step dad)

You know you are in California when you see a zillion lanes on the freeway.

Besides visiting with family, our number one mission was to get in as much trouble beach time as possible.

"Hey, that's my hat!" I bought this huge floppy hat to shade myself from some of that sun. Heinz wanted to try it out for himself.


Nice and sunny. Perfect beach weather.

Next we had a fun family BBQ at Heinz's sister's home. Good food, great drinks, and a lot of silliness.

Heinz is pretending like he's helping, but Dave is the real grill master here. (Thanks Dave & Gina for specially getting me veggie burgers. Delish!)

Heinz with his sister Gina. Watcha got in those cups?

Heinz making funny faces with Ryan & Katie (nephew & niece)

Heinz with Momma & Papa K

Just one of the many beautiful sunsets in so cal.

Me & Katie jumping on the trampoline. This brought back great memories from when I grew up bouncing around on my family tramp a long, long time ago.

Ryan looking stellar as the sun begins to set.

Katie with her perfect lines. Did you know that Katie is a State Champion gymnast with oodles of endless talent?!

And then there was the 4th of July Extravaganza.

First things first - Pool Party!

And then it was time for some grub.

Momma K is slaving away for the fabulous 4th of July BBQ bash. (Thanks for making a special effort and grilling me up some very tasty portobello mushrooms. Yummy.)

Ribs, specially for Heinz. (His fave)

I snagged one of these scrumptious cupcakes by the end of the night. Sugary goodness.

Lets not forget, firework's galore.

To top a fun trip, Momma & Papa K treated Heinz & I to a fantastic dinner down at the beach.
 The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove is definitely a favorite place of ours. Crystal Cove is a beautiful beach with old beach shacks along the shore. It really has an old school feel to it. The Beachcomber Cafe has amazing tasting food and is a real hot spot. No wonder it is always packed to the gills.

So Rosy isn't one to let a little DO NOT ENTER sign stop her.

You have to go through a long tunnel to get to the beach. It's pretty cool because there is a bunch of artwork from the 70s, 80s & current decade, celebrating Earth Day and decorating the tunnel walls.

We even lucked out with a gorgeous sunset.

Simply breathtaking.

You can really tell that Heinz got his share of sun on our trip. Luckily I had my big hat to give me a little coverage.

So in the end, we had a great time. The only downfall was that Heinz & I were both sick at some point during our trip and we really needed more time to spend with family.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful time. We love you and hope to make more memories in the near future.