Friday, May 13, 2011

A Wet 'N' Wild Wyoming

Over Mother's Day weekend, Heinz and I ventured up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some Teton exploration. Originally, we planned to hike around the Grand Teton National Park and then trot up to Yellowstone, but due to the enormous amounts of snow, the road to Yellowstone was closed. Ah shucks.

This was the first time for both Heinz & I to soak in the Tetons. They are magnificent but due to the weather, we really didn't get the full-full effect of their magnitude. It rained & snowed the entire time we were in Jackson, but we did NOT let that get us down. Yes, we were a bit limited as far as exploration goes but we found fun ways to fill our days and still enjoy the beauty all around.

We took close to 500 picture's, so it was very hard deciding which one's to share. Prepare yourself for Jackson Hole Mania.

The drive to Jackson is really pretty. We went through several farming towns with endless open lands and simple life beauty.

And then the weather creeped in.

River's unite like Yin & Yang.

Only in Wyoming.

Stretch it out.

Juliette doing a 360 in the snow and Heinz attempting to take a picture of it.


 Not quite.

Handstands on Jackson Lake.

The SUN!!!

Just hangin around in the trees.

Who's that creeper back there? Heeheehee.

Don't be jealous of the blueberry rain gear. Ha!

Check out the tree through the tree.

Who's that little guy roaming around?

Stick trees. So cool.

One thing that is pretty cool about Jackson is that it has huge mountains, jutting from the ground and then flat open land with a tree here and there.

Alien green moss & more stick trees.


Hey little guy, are you lost?

Wyoming Bronco. YeeHA!

More Handstands? No way.

Ski Fence

And then the snow rolled in.

Hmmm. What to do to pass the time? Mmmm, authentic Mexican food. Very good.

Goofing around at the dollar store.

Misbehaving? Never!


Check out are really cute cabin that we stayed in. It was perfect.

To say the least we had a blast! Ba bye Jackson.

Strolled through Paris, Utah IDAHO (whoops, I knew it didn't look right). I've always wanted to go to Paris. Haha.

On our way back to SLC, "we" decided to take a "different" route home (when I say different & we I mean Heinz thought he knew the way back in spite of my navigation) and drive along Bear Lake. It was worth the extra time and the lake looked so beautiful.

Whew. Was that a lot of picture's or what?.

Thanks for checking out our fun weekend. I am trying to figure out this whole wedding business, so the blog might be a little quieter than usual. Hope you have a wonderful week. Until next time, see ya!