Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Ton's of Snow

Normally around the end of May, things are melting down, flowers are starting to bloom, and the sun is telling us that summer is on its way. This year however, things have been a little different. We have had record breaking snowfall in the mountains, a lot more rainy days than sunshine, and just overall gloom. It has taken extra motivation to get out and hike or even ski. The snow is like mashed potatoes, so it is really hard to ride and the upper mountain peaks are hard to get to in snow boots, let alone having stormy weather halting further exploration.

This weekend, we snowshoed up to Cardiff Pass and it was on and off wind gusts that were on a path to take us down. At one point I felt lucky to have my poles with me to hold me up. After getting to the pass, the sun came out and we were able to shield ourselves from the weather and actually enjoy being outside.

We are kinda hoping for warmer days. Maybe this week?

P.S. There is extreme sledding video still to come.