Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Day at Brighton.

Easter Sunday was Brighton's last day of the season (yup, skiing on Easter), so of course Heinz & I had to Ski-daddle (haha) up the mountain and get a few turns in.

 It turned out to be a beautiful day of skiing, blue sky's & sunshine. 

As usual, Heinz & I were laughing are guts out
and enjoying the beauty around us.

Towards the end of our day, Heinz & I decided to be all sophisticated and proper by doing a few handstands & KaratA kicks in the air. HIGH-YA!

Check out the Poe-Poe in the background...."Yes officer, we are behaving like mature, responsible adults." HA!

So Heinz's KaratA kick turned into a bunny hop.

Move over sweets, let me show you how it's done.

Don't you love the intense look on my face? KaratA kicks are serious business.

To say the least, we had a blast! Until next time, Ba, bye.