Monday, March 21, 2011

A Tired Mess

Over the weekend, I wanted to do something fun & exciting to bring in the spring season. And what did I end up doing? WORKING! Boo. Back to back shifts none the less.

Every time I agree to work overtime, I'm thinking, ‘I am helping out, blah, blah blah,’ but when the time comes to actually work, its like, ‘What was I thinking?’

It was hard for me to work because I was soooo tired. I had a few days in a row of only a couple hours of sleep, along with running my toosh off, and then doing a back to back shift did me in.

Along with working all weekend, I failed to do my *“domestic chores” of cleaning the dishes and laundry. It’s a little out of control and to any of my coworkers who assume I am some “neat freak”; here is the proof that I’m not all the time.

Now that I am fully rested and have the whole day off, I should probably get to those dishes and laundry... Nah, I think I’ll go snowboarding insteadJ.

Hope you had a better start to your spring than I did.

*I call all of my stuff that isn’t necessarily fun but has to get done like, dishes, laundry, house cleaning, & grocery shopping “domestic chores”. Don’t worry, Heinz do these tooJ.