Friday, March 11, 2011

Running Update...

I have really struggled with my running lately. After my 15K, my left shin seemed to be on the edge of shinsplints and the thing that I don't want to do is to over train or end up injured. I have actually only done 3 runs in the last 10 days. Yikes! When it comes to me & running, resting is the key. I have been doing a lot more cross training and now that my half marathon is 5 weeks away, I am feeling the pressure to get my long runs in.

Before I start to really panic, I keep reminding myself to relax and keep listening to my body. What's the use if I run through what I call, the "bad pain*", get a stress fracture, and end up in a boot & crutches for 6 weeks. Not worth it!

So for now, I will keep on moving & I'm sure this running this will work out. Have a nice weekend!

* bad pain refers to the pain that translates into injury instead of muscle soreness that is associated with physical activity.