Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

With the latest tragedy that hit Japan, it makes me think about our plan when a crisis hits and also reassesses what is important in life. Heinz and I have a plan of what we would do when disaster strikes, but we are lacking in our emergency kits.

 An emergency usually happens when you least expect it, and although we have one emergency kit ready to go, I think that Heinz and I should have three separate kits each; one at home, at work, & in our vehicles. This may seem like overkill, but having a plan and having the tools to utilize that plan gives me a little peace of mind. Here is a checklist for what a standard emergency kit entails and it is always a good idea to tailor it to fit your needs. Get your kits up to date & accessible to use.

On a lighter note, I have these earrings that are a pain in the butt to close. These earrings have tiny little holes, so it makes it impossible to get them closed on your own. No worries though, Heinz came to the rescue with his trusty pliers.


We couldn’t stop laughing because it looks so funny to have someone fiddling on the side of your head with a huge pair of pliers. Have a nice day!