Monday, March 21, 2011

Beware of the Girl Scout…….


That’s right, its Girl Scout cookie season, which means trouble is around the corner; delicious cookie trouble just taunting you with their irresistible sweet affection. I’m personally talking about you Samoas, with your chocolaty, caramel, & coconut goodness, lurking in my cupboard, just waiting to be devoured.

Don’t be fooled by the doe eyed girls who knock on your door or stock you at the grocery store. They are trouble, wanting you to buy their addicting, unattainable treats. Once you have one, you are in, there is no turning back.

OK, so this is all a bit dramatic, but recently Heinz’s boss gave him five, 5, YES - FIVE boxes of Girl Scout cookies and ever since they have been around, it has been hard to resist the sweet treat. Yes, we are adults and have self control, but they are too good to just have one.

I am all for the Girl Scouts, I mean I was a Girl Scout way back when, but those cookies can be a bit hectic for the waste line. I guess I’ll run a few extra miles and do a few more push ups to make up for the indulgence. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?